Call for Tender

1. Name of the procurement organization:


2. Name of the contract order:


3. Description of the contract:

3.1 The subject of the contract is to construct two classrooms designed for vocational training. One classroom will be designed for carpentry and another one will be designed for tailoring. Each classroom will have its own store for materials. The contractor shall build the classrooms as single block. The cotton soil will be excavated to the murram level, while the pillar levels shall be excavated to 1m by 1m from murram level. The building will be refoinced by strong base made of Y10 and pillars of Y12 as well as the beams. This will allow the probability of storey building conversion.

Room dimensions are as follows:

  • classrom for carpentry: 8,4 m x 6,2 m; total area: 52,08 m2
  • classrom for tailoring: 8,4 m x 6,2 m; total area: 52,08 m2
  • store for carpentry material : 3 m x 6,2 m; total area: 18,6 m2
  • store for tailoring material: 3 m x 6,2 m; total area: 18,6 m2

3.2 The implementation of construction work will be done according to drawings provided by the procurer organization.

3.3 The labor must be carried out in accordance with all applicable laws in the country of execution of construction work for institutions providing education.

4. Place and deadline for submission of the tenders:

4.1 Applicants must deliver their proposals to this address: St. Philip Neri Primary School, Muthwani, Joska, Machakos district, Kenya (personally) or St. Philip Neri Primary School, P. O. Box 18827-00500, Nairobi, Kenya (mail).

4.2 The deadline for submission of tenders expires on 27th November 2015 at 5pm.

5. Evaluation of the proposals:

5.1 The evaluation of the proposals is private. The Commission will evaluate the proposals in terms of complying with procurement organization requirements for subject of the contract and exclude offers that do not meet the requirements for subject of the contract stated in the call for tenders and tender documents.

5.2 The Commission can ask applicants in written to explain the proposal. The explanation may not amend the proposal. Removal of obvious errors in writing and counting is not considered as an amendment.

5.3 If a contract appears to be an extremely low offer in relation to work, the Commission must ask the candidate in written for the details of that part of the proposal which is essential for its price.

6. Evaluation Criteria:

6.1 For the evaluation of proposals the procurement organization has chosen the lowest price criterion.

7. Terms of the contract:

Beginning of the contract: 7th December 2015
End of contract: 31st March 2016

Date of publication: 9th November 2015
Tenders expires: 27th November 2015 at 5pm
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About Us

St. Philip Neri Primary School is situated in Joska, approximately 4 km off Kangundo road. His Excellency Michal Mlynar, Slovak ambassador to Kenya, officially opened the school on 14th January 2013. It is a day and boarding school supporting former street children, orphans and vulnerable children by providing free pre school and primary education to children from disadvantaged families. It has a capacity of 450 children including 250 borders.

The main objective of the school is to provide a free primary education for the vulnerable and enhance the sense of belonging among the more fortune members of society.

Currently we have 350 pupils both borders and day scholars from which 90% are fully sponsored.


We have a great experience to work with former street boys and girls coming from the streets of Nairobi. Some of our children admitted in our partners` rehabilitation centers in 2007 are currently high school students in well known national schools like Maranda High school,Starehe Girls Secondary School,St.Marys Yala just to name but a few.

The idea of St. Philip Neri Primary School came as an impulse of the Millennium development Goals and Vision Kenya 2030 “free primary education for all the children” including orphans and vulnerable.

The school was constructed through Slovak aid project and St. Elizabeth University College, Slovakia in 2012.


The main partners are: St. Kizito Children Centre in Mihango, Nairobi, St. Elizabeth University College in Slovakia and Dobrota pre Afriku in Slovakia.


1. Support of street children

Our main partner in Kenya is St. Kizito Children Centre based in Mihango that focus on rehabilitation of street children and their reintegration back to community. After 2 years of successful rehabilitation the children are ready to be reintegrated. Having in mind their background and problematic families, the children are based suitable for boarding education where they can focus only on education and dysfunctional families do not disturb them. All the children from St. Kizito Children Centre, both boys and girls, are sent to St. Philip Neri Primary School where they study for free thanks to sponsors.

2. Bright and needy program

The idea of bright and needy program came in the end of 2013 whereby the school decided to expand their sponsorship to bright but needy children in the community. The sponsorship is based on the previous 2 years academic performance and the pupils must continue to score the target grades all throughout the sponsored period.

3. Free pre school education

The pre school education is fully sponsored for each child in order to support the community from low developed area of Joska village and Muthwani area. The pre school system starts from baby class and it’s based on Montessori system.